Apparently, it kind of rare and not all sushi bars

What Sumo

Westwood is officially my new home for the year! Ucla is officially my new school!

I moved in Sunday 9/19 in was hectic. Parents drove two cars to bring down my bed, desk, chairs, and everything else I brought. And when they left at 2pm after helping me unpack, the fun began.

I used to westwood now. I pretty much know every street and what on every street. I don feel like an outsider anymore. It my home now! And seriously, in the last four days , I spent $300. Groceries, food, a shirt or two and of course ucla/bruinwear!

Liz even came down from Riverside to visit me. We went to beverly center, toured westwood/ucla, ate, watched a scary movie and clubbing. First time clubbing ever high quality replica handbags china and first time I rocked 4 inch heels, a short skirt and didn feel self conscious for being so tall and undressed. It was fun except for the annoying guy that wouldn leave us alone. I wanted to punch him in the face.

There are lots of cute white boys in LA. I see them everywhere. They so tall too, yay. Some cute korean boys too. But fobby and ugly chinese guys ew.

Today, I purchased my very first Luxury brand name: my very cheap louis vuitton bags from china uk first Louis Vuitton Bag.

I went with my mommy after she got home from work and we drove to South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. At first, I had my eyes set on the Tivoli PM because it was so adorable and was decently prized at $1000. However, Designer Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags when I saw it in person, I was so disappointed. It was tiny. Tiny for me. Being a tall girl at 5 the Tivoli PM looked too small for my frame. They were sold out of the Tivoli GM but I didn mind since I didn like the belt looking straps anyways. My SA retrieved the Trevi PM and my mom gasped. I heard it; I not imagining things! It was so beautiful. Everything about it was and is nice. The damier ebene canvas, the gold hardware, the pleats, the shoulder straps, the red micro suede inside and hand held handles. It both a handsome bag and a beautiful, feminine bag. When placed next to the Tivoli, it definitely stood out more. However, I wasn planning on getting it because the price was just too much. $1660 without tax, $1805.25 after tax. My mom and I looked around at other bags. We looked at thePalermo, the Speedy, theBerkley and a couple more. It just wasn the same. high quality designer replica handbags They didn grab my attention the way the Trevi did (although theBerkeleywas very nice I might consider it in the future). My mom really wanted me to get the Trevi. Her reason being that if I were spending so much already, mind as well spend a little more for something I would be completely satisfied with. She helped me pay $300 which made my life easier. Even though I was still a little hesitant because of the price, I ended up getting it anyways and I don regret my decision at all!! Actually, now that I think about it, I still can believe I bought a cheap louis vuitton bags from china bag close to $2000. I really didn expect my first bag from LV to cost aaa replica designer handbags this much. In the beginning, I was looking into the neverfull and speedy for $700, then upgraded to Tivoli for 1000 and now replica designer handbags hits me.

Hehe I was probably carrying the biggest purchase out of everyone in the LV store and the whole mall! The bag was so big and so heavy! It was practically half of my height. Anyways, I realized that once you make a purchase and walk into another store, the sale associates treat you differently. After my LVpurchase, my mom and I walked into Prada. The lady took one look at my huge LV purchase and kept assisting us, offering us to try whatever we wanted on.

I love the Trevi PM. I love how I don have to worry about the vachetta cause it doesn have any! I love how cheap replica handbags it both a hand held bag and a shoulder bag! In my opinion, it probably the best bag ever and I love my mommy!

Whoever is reading this, please do not tell my dad. I lied to him about the price.

Here an update: I love sushi now. I love raw meat. I love raw octopus even more.

So, saturday louis vuitton copy bags uk , I met up with michael and randy and we went jubei sushi bar. It was actually my first time eating sashimi and I loved it. We also tried the raw octopus. Apparently, it kind of rare and not all sushi bars offer raw octopus because it kind of dangerous. Supposedly, even replica louis vuitton after the octopus is dead, the suction thingies on their leg/arms still work and and can suffocate the eater. But, I fine and I not dead. And, I love octopus meat chewy, chewed for like 2 minutes before I could swallow. It tasted good and I enjoyed the fact that I was eating something fatal. Pretty expensive lunch bill.$100 for three people and it wasn all you can eat either but fake designer bags it was worth every penny and more!

So 1:1 replica handbags , i asked my mom today if I could get another ear piercing and she was like whatever do whatever you want and i was like so cool. imma get my cartilage pierced and then she goes

rule of being 18+ doesn apply in my family. I have to ask permission AND get consent for everything! ):

I could settle for a second lobe piercing but I don want to because I just like the look of the cartilage piercing more.

Well, it not a definite no. She might change her mind and if my dad is okay with it, then I can get it. Or, I just go get it and come back and surprise my parents. Hah, could you possibly imagine what they say/do to me?

Went to toyota and honda in the puente hills area and checked out some cars.

I love how cheap replica handbags it a two door makes me feel extra cool 8D

And I love my parents so much and am so grateful to have parents like them willing to buy me a new car right away (not even one week after my accident) and not even getting mad for totaling my other one.

Not only that but, 2 door cars are considered sports cars and insurance is higher. Considering that I just got in an accident and that my insurance is already skyrocketing, I didn expect them to buy me a coupe. But you know what my daddy said? He said probably will only be able to buy you one car and so I want to buy you a new one and I want to buy something that you like. My daddy is the best.

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